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Rapidly design and build rich, interactive chatbot cards that work on all your favorite platforms and devices

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A complete Drag and Drop WYSIWYG designer.

Adaptive Cards are the awesome new way to show complex information in chatbots such as Facebook and Slack, as well as on platforms such as Skype and Windows.

AdaptiveCards Designer makes it incredibly fast and easy to build card libraries with a simple drag and drop interface.

Status: BETA Available

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AdaptiveCards Designer

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What are you building?

virtual sales
software applications
hardware systems
internet of things
autonomous self driving cars
digital assistant

Build next level conversational AI for chatbots, robots and IoT voice interfaces

We’re working on a number of cutting edge tools and API’s that will help you build game changing conversational AI experiences.

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No more random responses for users.

The ultimate in emotional intelligence is true personalities.

PersonalityPro is the result of several years of research into complex emotional intelligence and will deliver an incredible new way for you to engage on an individual level with your users.

Status: In Development

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PersonalityPro personality designer for AI conversations

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Build powerful, personality based AI solutions with Converser dialogue planning and management

A state of the art editor which gives you complete control and management of complex conversational deployments.

Converser will let you get to the next level of conversational AI.

Status: Alpha

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Converser dialogue and conversation editor

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